Science on the Sound: STEM Sail

Life Science on the Sound: STEM Learning for grades 2-5

Discover Long Island Sound’s ecology and biology while sailing aboard the Schooner SoundWaters. Your students will investigate how plants and animals survive daily environmental changes, examine macro and microscopic organisms,  raise the sails and more! This 3-hour program offers a rigorous STEM investigation into habitats, animal adaptations, water quality and food web/bioaccumulation. Technology rich, with hands-on experiments, this program is geared to your grade level.

Physical Science on the Sound: STEM Learning for grades 6-9

Learn key concepts and theories while aboard the Schooner SoundWaters. Your students will test the water quality of Long Island Sound, demonstrate mechanical advantage, touch and investigate the structures of live animals and more! In this S.T.E.M. program, students will compare data from shipboard remote sensing against their own hand-held instrument. Challenging, rigorous science in an exciting and unique setting.

Teambuilding sail for grades 9-12

Students will learn to work as a team, discover the leader within themselves, understand a new meaning of community, and experience adventure within a safe environment. This four-hour long program aboard the schooner SoundWaters offers groups of 15-20 students in 9th-12th grade a unique opportunity for personal growth.

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