Camp SoundWaters Spotlight- Meet Liam and Nadia!

Meet Liam and Nadia (far right), two of Camp SoundWaters Counselors and EMTs at Post 53. Get to know Nadia and Liam below!

Meet Nadia!

How many years have you been with SoundWaters?

I have been a counselor for two years, CIT for one, and a camper for many years before that.

What is your favorite part about being a counselor?

My favorite part about being a counselor is connecting with a group of kids over the course of a week and seeing them grow.

What is your favorite camp week?

My favorite camp week is Boat Race week, because the campers really work hard together and bond over creating and racing their boat.

What do you like to do in your spare time?  

In my spare time, I volunteer as an EMT, work as a Lifeguard, and tutor. Aside from that, I love to make art of any kind and have recently gotten really into photography.

What school do you attend and what do you plan on majoring in?

I go to Darien High School as a senior and am still unsure about what I want to major in (although I am considering heavily Urban and Environmental Studies).

What are your certifications?

I am a certified EMT, Lifeguard, and Sailing Counselor. I am also certified in CPR and First Aid and speak Russian, Ukrainian and Spanish conversationally.

What is Post 53 and what is your role?

Post 53 is the EMS Service for Darien, and is run largely by High School Volunteers. Although our primary job is to respond to calls and decide patient care, we also do community CPR and First Aid Training, work as standby crews for sporting and other events, and organize community events such as the Memorial Day food fair. I work with Liam as an EMT, which means that when a 911 call is dispatched, we respond in an ambulance with a crew of three other ‘Posties’ to the caller and help them with whatever medical aid they need, which most often means transportation to Stamford Hospital.

Meet Liam!

Whats your favorite part about being a counselor? 

My favorite part about being a counselor is the creature features with the kids. I love how excited they get about interacting with a new animal and getting to hold it.

What is your favorite camp week? 

My favorite camp week is Boat Race Week because it is so fun to help decorate the boats with the campers and get excited for the race with all the parents.

What do you like to do in your spare time?  

In my spare time I mainly work on my art. I always have a piece that I’m having to rush to finish for a deadline so that takes up most of my free time.

What your school/major? 

I am a senior at Darien High School right now, but I plan to double major in Marine Biology and Studio Art.

What are your certifications? 

I am First-Aid, CPR, AED, and EMT-B certified. Our organization starts your certification process your freshman year of high school with First-Aid, CPR, and AED, and then your sophomore year you begin your EMT class and exams and are certified by your junior year.

What is Post 53 and  your role? 

Darien EMS – Post 53 is the Emergency Medical Services for Darien Connecticut. It is unique because it is the only EMS organization in the country that is staffed almost entirely by volunteer high schoolers. Each ambulance crew is made up of 4 high schoolers ranging from freshmen to seniors. My role at Post 53 right now is a EMT-B as well as the Special Activity Coordinator. As “Special Acts.” I am in charge of putting together events and activities within the membership. My main role is to maintain and foster positive relationships between the members and between grade levels.