“There is no doubt that environmental education is one of the most effective ways to instill a passion for learning among students.”

Dr. Nicole Ardoin, Stanford University 

Training the Next Generation for Their Future

In an era of climate change, environmental science is climate science.

Climate science education today is essential to Long Island Sound’s future resilience. SoundWaters curriculum at all grade levels is focused on climate science to help students understand our rapidly changing environment, the impact of that change and the actions they can take to improve our local environment.

The more we invest in our children’s understanding of the remarkable world around us, the better prepared they will be to meet the challenges of their time.

Climate change is the reason I’m so passionate about environmental science today.  Because I want to be part of the answer.
– Owen, Student at Stamford High School

Why SoundWaters?

Because at SoundWaters we believe through education we can protect and preserve Long Island Sound. Every day, on land and at sea, we educate and inspire children from all backgrounds to understand, value and protect our precious resource of Long Island Sound.

When we engage children in rigorous and dynamic hands on science that connects them to the Sound in a meaningful way, their perspective will be forever changed and they will become better students and lifelong environmental stewards who actively protect Long Island Sound.

SoundWaters is the #1 choice of schools that study Long Island Sound.

It was amazing to watch the students experience Long Island Sound through math and science hands-on lessons. The lessons meet the specific academic needs of our students. However, the most amazing component of the program was watching students develop confidence, problem solving skills, and collaboration when learning to sail on Long Island Sound. This indeed was an experience these students will truly remember forever.

SoundWaters is easily one of the most meaningful experiences I provide to my students throughout the school year… I look at my students out on the water and I see a spark in their eyes when they make a real world connection with their classroom lessons, something they would not have experienced absent your generosity.

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We work with 146 schools and organizations across Long Island Sound

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Our commitment to safety is reflected in our record.

Living in a healthy community is a basic human right. We work for a sustainable environment where people share a passion for Long Island Sound; students succeed and our community thrives.

What We Do

SoundWaters prepares the next generation for their future.  With our climate in crisis, we teach tomorrow’s leaders the science they will need.  With Long Island Sound as our classroom, we create love and respect for the natural world.  As a matter of justice, we open the water to all.  As a matter of urgency, we work to protect our common home.



Young Mariners STEM Academy students working on a group project.