Screening Your Sunscreen

It’s hot, it’s sunny and you don’t want to get burned so you lather on sunscreen head to toe.  A no-brainer, right?  Well, it turns out there is one more thing we need to consider beyond SPF and price when we choose our sunscreen:  the environment.

In this New York Times article we learn about the impact on marine animals and plants by some of the chemicals in sunscreen and other common of skin and hair care products.

It’s unfortunate that the products we use to protect ourselves also harms the ocean, but we can still enjoy the sun this summer.  If you Google “biodegradable sunscreens,” you will find several products that give protection from the sun without harming the planet.  One of them, Stream2Sea, is a SoundWaters supporter.  Any order you make with Stream2Sea using the code  “SoundWaters” will generate a 10% discount for you and a small donation to support our environmental education programs.

Enjoy our lakes, rivers and oceans this summer