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Thank You State Street!

Thanks so much to the team from State Street for joining us yesterday for a very hot volunteer afternoon. The team cleaned the canoes, kayaks, and dragon boats, sorted all the t-shirts for summer programs and helped prepare the new tablet computers for summer learning. Thanks State Street for all your hard work!

Thank you XL Catlin!

Thanks so much to our friends at XL Catlin for joining us last week at the Harbor Site. They did a massive coastal cleanup, put up the awning, cleaned out the refrigerators, and knocked down a ton of overgrown weeds. Thank you for your hard work!  

Thanks Priceline!

Thanks so much to our friends at Priceline for joining us yesterday at the Harbor Site. They rearranged the boat pen, replaced the ageing racks with new ones, cleaned out a season’s worth of leaves and trash, and finished with a coastal cleanup. The boat pen has never look nicer! Thank you for your hard […]

Girls Rule Spring Break at SoundWaters!

It’s all girls, all science, all week at SoundWaters this week.  We are hosting 120 3rd-7th grade girls from Stamford Public Schools for Science Stars.  Started in 2005, Science Stars is a solid week of learning, exploring, creating and fun and the opportunity for the girls to get their hands dirty doing all types of […]

Welcome to Captain Shawn

  Every ship needs a captain and we are pleased to announce that Shawn Melillo has come aboard to as the new captain of the Schooner SoundWaters.  Shawn brings a wealth of experience from schooners up and down the east coast, including windjammers in Maine and education vessels, like the Spirit of South Carolina.  He […]

The Tasmanian Tiger and the Terrapin

Why do people care about the Tasmanian Tiger? Partly, because it has a cool name. And partly, because it is gone. There is something so final about extinction, and so guilt-inducing. Last week, extinction was back in the news… as word came from Australia that the Tasmanian Tiger – previously thought extinct – might actually still be alive. […]

Schooner SoundWaters is back in Stamford

The Schooner returned to her home port in Stamford Harbor on Sunday after a long winter out of the water.  Her crew has been taking advantage of the nice weather days to finish rigging the boat and using the not so nice weather days to work on  the Science on the Sound lessons for the students […]

What’s Fun Got to do with it?

We live in serious times, with serious problems that need serious solutions. Or, maybe not. Because sometimes the best solution to the most pressing problem is to have the most fun. That is the logic behind SoundWaters commitment to small boat sailing. Through sailing, students develop mastery and get out and HAVE FUN on Long […]

SoundWaters Discovery Team: Water Detectives

Elementary school Discovery Team students learn all about Long Island Sound and its watershed: the different types of water, where it is found in the watershed and how humans – intentionally or unintentionally – affect it along its journey to the Sound. Little do they realize that as they’re learning, they’re uncovering clues to help […]

Show The World You Support SoundWaters

If you support SoundWaters, you’re helping to protect Long Island Sound. Don’t keep it a secret.  Show your support with a SoundWaters car magnet. Stop by the Coastal Education Center at Cove Island and pick one up or send your name and address to carmagnet@soundwaters.org  and we’ll mail a magnet to you. Get yours today!