SoundWaters has worked with many local caterers. The following is a list of caters who have experience on the Schooner. If you wish to use someone else, please have them contact us with any questions.

David’s Soundview Catering –
Contact: David S. Cingari
Phone number: (203)324-5724

Burke Catering –
Contact: Andy Burke
Phone number: (203)344-1967

Marcia Selden Catering –
Contact: Jennifer Reilly
Phone number: (203)353-8000

Susan Kane Catering –
Contact: Susan Kane
Phone number: (203)327-6668

Garden Catering –
Contact: Tina Carpenteri
Phone number: (203)698-2900

Please note the following for charters:

– Charters are limited to 40 passengers; this number includes any catering staff.

– SoundWaters Crew members are available to help you bring food and other supplies on and off the Schooner. During the charter,  their job is to sail the boat and thus they are not available to set up the food, pour/pass drinks, or serve food etc.

– All supplies (cups, plates, napkins, silverware, coolers etc.) needed are to be provided by the caterer and/or client. SoundWaters will provide bins and trash bags for trash and recycling.

– We have no facilities for washing dishes, heating food, or cooling food or drinks. Sternos and any other type of flame are not allowed. Please plan accordingly.

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