Connecting All Communities

SoundWaters makes a difference in students’ lives. SoundWaters students develop scientific inquiry, literacy and math skills while exploring the diverse habitats of Long Island Sound with SoundWaters. At SoundWaters no child is turned away. This is important because without SoundWaters, many children would grow up just blocks from Long Island Sound, but they could just as well be living hundreds of miles away. Such disconnect with the natural world limits possibilities for children; it limits their world.

SoundWaters programs teach students of all ages, races and socioeconomic backgrounds, with over 1/3 of all students reached from poor and underserved communities. Learning with SoundWaters is a unique, hands-on experience that encourages young people to pursue their environmental interest and become future stewards of this region.

In reaching out to students from every neighborhood, SoundWaters connects all communities. Young people learn and explore with SoundWaters. Learning about Long Island Sound enriches their lives; their actions enrich ours.

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