Scientific investigations at SoundWaters include plankton identification and monitoring, horseshoe crab population migration patterns, shellfish growth and Diamondback Terrapin nesting site classification. Through these research programs SoundWaters works to understand how the Long Island Sound watershed system changes daily and over time. SoundWaters staff draws upon this research for teaching. Many of our educational programs for middle and high school incorporate data collection and analysis so that our students learn science by participating in ongoing scientific studies. High school interns take a lead role in some studies, such as plankton monitoring.

SoundWaters research programs are interdisciplinary, linking questions and results in one subject to instill curiosity in other studies. Observation, measurement, and collection of samples and data are accomplished both on shore and aboard our ship, utilizing a wide range of tools and instruments.  For more information on SoundWaters research program, please contact SoundWaters Education Director.