Don’t Trash the Fourth!

The Fourth of July explodes around Long Island Sound. Literally. Our waterfront becomes the gathering place for fireworks celebrations from Greenwich all the way to Greenport. Fireworks over the Sound are the annual reminder that Summer is here and we need to grab these evenings while they last.

And with summer and fun and fireworks comes another issue: trash. The trash that humans leave behind after we celebrate outdoors is toxic for the animals who inadvertently feast on it afterwards. That plastic wrap from a ketchup bottle or juice box straw? It can get scooped up by a horseshoe crab, with deadly consequences. The plastic cups, cutlery and plates? They get stepped on, broken into small pieces, and then flow into the Sound.  They may be conveniently out of your sight, but their harmful effects will be felt for generations.

So this year, celebrate a low-impact Fourth with fun and fireworks but no trash. Make it zero-impact. Pack out what you bring into the parks and beaches and boats. Pick up what gets dropped- pick up what you find. Leave the obvious culprits at home- no straws and bottles.

At the Fourth we celebrate our country’s Independence with an eye to the past. This year, be a true patriot and keep an eye on the future- of our Sound and our community. Toast summertime, but do it with a reusable bottle!