Encouraging a Passion for Science.

They’re conducting original research in marine debris, microplastics and aquaculture. And they’re only in high school.

Our 25 high school SoundGeneration interns have selected topics for their fall 2019 research projects:

• Marine Debris: Weekly cleanups at Cove Island Park and our Stamford Harbor trash skimmer to analyze and determine most common debris types and sources.
• Species diversity: How species diversity changes as the seasons change.
• Aquaponics: The effects of sunlight on plant growth.
• Microplastics: The effect of tides on the amount of microplastics found in the water.
• Aquaculture: Comparing the growth rate of oysters grown in different types of containers.

The students are conducting their research this fall and will present their conclusions at a poster session in January. We will be sure to share their results with you.

In addition to research and science skills, the SoundGeneration interns care for animals, maintain equipment and develop their basic skills in boat handling, organization goal-setting, project management and leadership. These are invaluable skills that can set them apart from their peers.

SoundGeneration is made possible in part through funding from the Munzer Foundation.