Holly Pond is a much beloved, and frequently studied, inlet of Long Island Sound that borders both Stamford and Darien. It is also the backyard of our SoundWaters Coastal Education Center.

Like our neighbors on both sides of the Pond, SoundWaters cares about the history, current status and future possibilities for Holly Pond. We have taken the lead in reviving the “Friends of Holly Pond,” so that our neighbors can take a role in learning about and improving our special place. A key element of improving Holly Pond lies in understanding past work and current assessments. As such, this SoundWaters site will post all data, past reports and current activities about the pond.

Below are links to documents and/ or websites with key information about the Pond. If you have questions or comments about this information, or want to get involved in restoring Holly Pond, please reach us at: connect@soundwaters.org

Friends of Holly Pond

  • Sept. 3, 2013 Holly Pond RFP –The RFP was released on Sept 3, and the DEEP held an on-site meeting with about 20 interested consultants on Sept 26.  A few sent in questions relating to requirements of the project, and DEEP’s responses are due back to them on Oct 30.  The proposal deadline is Nov 27 at noon, and DEEP’s target date for selecting the contractor is Dec 23.
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