(Updated on 5/22/20)

Summer at SoundWaters and COVID-19 FAQ

At SoundWaters we create extraordinary summers of challenge, fun, growth and outdoor adventure. Now more than ever, families are eagerly anticipating the experience of SoundWaters summer.  Given the COVID-19 crisis, we want to affirm our commitment to the health and welfare of our campers and their families and recognize that we will face new challenges. We are following established best practices and will continue to look to the State of Connecticut Office of Early Childhood (OEC), Centers for Disease Control (CDC), American Camp Association (ACA) and other regulators and experts for additional guidance. Please check back periodically for an update in information.

Will summer camp open this summer?

SoundWaters is very excited to announce will be running Camp SoundWaters and Young Mariners Academy this summer! We are delighted to provide our campers with a great summer experience, and we are committed to doing so with the health and safety of our campers, staff, families and the wider community in mind

What day does camp open?

Summer at SoundWaters will opening as planned on June 22.

What is the SoundWaters refund policy?

If SoundWaters cancels summer camp you will receive a full refund. If you cancel your registration before June 1 we will provide a refund, less registration fees.

When will SoundWaters collect the balance due for camp registration

On or after June 1, SoundWaters will charge the balance of camp registration fees to the credit card on file.

Will SoundWaters be conducting daily health screenings for children coming to camp?

We are currently creating these guidelines and will be sharing them with all our camp families.

How will SoundWaters be ensuring the facilities are safe for children?

We will be taking all recommended measures to maintain a safe environment for our campers, and we are awaiting guidelines from the state and CDC as to how to best do that.

I can’t bring my child in to her/his doctor for a camp physical – what should I do?

During this declared state of emergency, the CT Office of Early Childhood (OEC) has stated: Children that have been attending school with Health and Immunization records on file at school do not have to submit a new form this year.  Parents submit the most recent physical and fill out this form confirming that the child is up-to-date with physical examination and immunizations and provide information regarding any disabilities and/or special health care needs.

Will SoundWaters have my child wear a mask?

No. Children do not have to wear any type of mask while attending camp based on OEC guidelines.

Will SoundWaters Staff have to wear a mask? 

Yes. All SoundWaters staff will be wearing protective face covering.

What will be the group size and number of counselors at SoundWaters this summer?

There will be only 10 campers and 2 counselors per group. The counselors will remain the same throughout the session.

What will happen during rainy days? 

We are currently creating these guidelines and be sharing them with our camp families.

What will happen during lunch and snack? 

Please provide your campers own lunch and snack in a clearly labeled lunch box. We will be separating each group of 10 campers’ lunches and storing them in refrigerators.