Aug. 2012 – Summer Winds at Camp SoundWaters

Summer may be ending but 475 campers will stay warm with memories of swimming in Long Island Sound, exploring beaches and salt marshes, examining sea stars, terrapins, crabs and sea shells and canoeing or sailing in the waters off Cove Island Park. Every day brought exciting adventures, fun-filled science activities and very cool facts about marine animals, which campers shared with families.

“Once again, SoundWaters never fails to impress,” said one camp mother.  “Both boys had a marvelous time.  My younger son Evan talked non-stop the entire ride home about his day at camp and all the things he learned.  You should be very proud of the program and counselors.”

Our talented, committed and trained educators and counselors led the campers through full days of unique experiences. For example, the younger Seastars (grades K-2) and Bluefish (grades 3-5) designed and created “anything that floats” vessels from discarded and recycled materials, then raced each other on Holly Pond. Novice and beginner sailors captained their own Opti sailboats and by the week’s end were coming about with near-perfect precision. More experienced Pico sailors braved the stronger winds and currents of Long Island Sound that both challenged and increased their skills as they navigated toward an offshore island for lunch.

“I learned a lot with the kids,” said counselor Kiara Kalloway. “It was a great experience, especially if I decide to teach, to see what they learn, and how they learn.”

Every day, the campers learned science by doing science: conducting water quality experiments to measure salinity; using seine nets to capture plankton and small fish; examining tiny creatures under a microscope; and feeding fish, terrapins and crabs.

“The end of camp, it’s really sad,” said counselor Jessica Burbank. “They don’t want to leave us and we don’t want to leave them. I’ll miss them.”


Leigh Shemitz, Ph.D.
Executive Director