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Camp SoundWaters Spotlight- Meet Kat!

Meet Kat, one of Camp SoundWaters Lead Counselors! Kat started off at SoundWaters as a high school intern and has grown into one of our Lead Counselors. Kat is also a Waterfront Lifeguard and First Aid CPR certified! Get to know Kat below! What your school/major? I am a sophomore Anthropology Major at Kenyon College in […]

Camp SoundWaters Spotlight-Meet Tim!

Meet Tim, Camp SoundWaters Lead Sail Instructor! Tim has been working for Camp SoundWaters for 8 years. Get to know Tim below! What college do you attend? I’m in the class of 2019 at Southern Connecticut State University and study Biology. How long have you been a sail instructor? I got my sailing instructor certification […]

Agriscience Represent

Yesterday afternoon two Educators on our team presented to the agriscience students at Westhill High School here in Stamford. These students apply to and are selected for the program to learn all about the business of agriculture. All the students in the agriscience program are also members of FFA (Future Farmers of America) and are […]

Horseshoe Crabsicle

Can you see the horseshoe crab frozen in the ice on the shore of Holly Pond? This striking image really drives home how a changing climate can affect the residents of the Long Island Sound, from plankton to horseshoe crabs to people!

Down to Dive

If you’re feeling the chill this winter, bundle up like a duck! Diving ducks like these Hooded Mergansers depend on their down, a fluffy inner layer of feathers, to keep them warm in the winter-cold waters around the Long Island Sound. Mergansers dive to catch fish, crustaceans, and insects to eat throughout the winter. They […]

How does the Flat Flounder Swim?

Today, the students at William Pitt Childcare learning center became experts on Flounder and Oyster Toadfish. Over the course of this six session program, the students have been learning all about Long Island Sound, brackish water, and the different types of animals that live in the LIS. Each session, the students meet a new animal, […]

Mock Interview Night!

This past Monday evening SoundGeneration Interns participated in the first annual Mock Interview Night at SoundWaters. SoundGeneration is dedicated to inspiring students to make a difference in our local environment through hands on experience. Along with this comes the goal of providing our interns with job skills to help prepare them for the future. One […]

Same fish, different camouflage

Sometimes fish will change their appearance by compressing and expanding their scales to make them look darker or lighter.  Here are two bass from the same tank in our aquarium.  One likes to hide near the bottom, one on the darker side of the tank.  Can you guess which one hides where?

Holy Tide!!!

Here along the coast of Long Island Sound, we are used to tides.  A tide happens when the ocean “pulls” back and forth due to the gravitational pull of the moon and the sun. Every so often, the tide goes a little extreme.  A King tide is a non-scientific term to describe the highest tides.  […]

Fishy Adaptations!

Creativity met with science this week at Old Greenwich School! First graders in the SoundWaters after school program learned about the adaptations a fish has to help it survive in the Long Island Sound, including the different types of fins. They even designed their own fish with special adaptations specific to their habitat! Creations ranged […]