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Young Mariners Academy Spotlight- Meet Will Burdick!

Meet Senior Instructor at Young Mariners Academy, Will! Get to know Will below! How many years have you been with Young Mariners? This summer will be my 7th year working at Young Mariners. I am a full time sailing instructor and educator during the first session of Young Mariners. I have done fall and spring […]

Camp SoundWaters Spotlight- Meet Harrison!

Meet Camp Counselor Harrison! Harrison is a Waterfront Lifeguard for Camp SoundWaters. Get to know him below! How many years have you been with SoundWaters? This will be my third summer on the staff with SoundWaters. I had been a camper for several years before becoming a CIT for one year and this will be […]

Camp SoundWaters Spotlight- Meet Yamila!

Meet Sea Stars Lead Counselor Yamila! Yamila lights up our programs with her enthusiastic energy and love of the water. Get to know her below! How many years have you been with SoundWaters? This upcoming summer will be my 4th year as a Camp Counselor at SoundWaters. I have also been an intern at SoundWaters […]

Tiny Terrapins!

A few weeks ago, some of our staff traveled to Hofstra to visit the lab of Dr. Russ Burke, a diamondback terrapin expert. We couldn’t wait to ask him all of our questions about caring for these special turtles, and even more excited to see his tanks full of baby quarter-sized terrapins! Dr. Burke studies […]

Camp SoundWaters Spotlight- Meet Hadley!

Meet Sail Instructor Hadley! Hadley is a Sail Instructor for Camp SoundWaters Stingray Program. Get to know her below! How many years have you been with SoundWaters? This will be my fifth summer with SoundWaters. I was a counselor for two years and have been a sailing instructor for 2 years. What is your favorite […]

SoundGeneration Teaches Local Students at Harry Bennett Library

Our SoundGeneration high school interns held their first event this past Monday at the Harry Bennett Library in Stamford. They hosted 15 students ranging from grades K-5. These students experienced a touch tank filled with seastars, horseshoe crabs, spider crabs and so much more! They also took home their own sandy seastar art work. Thank […]

Camp SoundWaters Spotlight- Meet Liam and Nadia!

Meet Liam and Nadia (far right), two of Camp SoundWaters Counselors and EMTs at Post 53. Get to know Nadia and Liam below! Meet Nadia! How many years have you been with SoundWaters? I have been a counselor for two years, CIT for one, and a camper for many years before that. What is your […]

Camp SoundWaters Spotlight- Meet Kat!

Meet Kat, one of Camp SoundWaters Lead Counselors! Kat started off at SoundWaters as a high school intern and has grown into one of our Lead Counselors. Kat is also a Waterfront Lifeguard and First Aid CPR certified! Get to know Kat below! What your school/major? I am a sophomore Anthropology Major at Kenyon College in […]

Camp SoundWaters Spotlight-Meet Tim!

Meet Tim, Camp SoundWaters Lead Sail Instructor! Tim has been working for Camp SoundWaters for 8 years. Get to know Tim below! What college do you attend? I’m in the class of 2019 at Southern Connecticut State University and study Biology. How long have you been a sail instructor? I got my sailing instructor certification […]

Agriscience Represent

Yesterday afternoon two Educators on our team presented to the agriscience students at Westhill High School here in Stamford. These students apply to and are selected for the program to learn all about the business of agriculture. All the students in the agriscience program are also members of FFA (Future Farmers of America) and are […]