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Oyster Investigation!

High school students from Westhill High School came to SoundWaters today to begin their oyster project. Students began their study of oysters through a dissection and study of the anatomy of oysters. Using microscopes, students were able to observe the beating heart of the oyster as well as the gills, mantle and tentacles which allow […]

Travelling Teachers

Our educators brought the Sound to Newfield Elementary School this week! These first grade students learned all about the Long Island Sound when they came to visit SoundWaters last month. We were very impressed with how much they remembered about brackish water and the animals that live in it. They had a great time holding […]

SoundGeneration: Plankton of the Sound!

SoundGeneration has been continuing their plankton research out on the Long Island Sound! Last week interns caught some very unique plankton. Many marine animals begin their lives as plankton, spending time suspended in the water column. Oftentimes the larvae of these animals do not resemble their adult form. Crustaceans, such as crabs, begin their lives […]

SoundKids is back!

This week marks the end of outdoor programming and the beginning of SoundKids!  Here’s a pic from Maple Ave CLC of SoundKids identifying and sorting shells!

Jefferson Engineers

Do you you know what an ROV is ? The 3rd grade students of Jefferson Science Magnet sure do! They put on their scientist thinking caps at SoundWaters today to measure, build, and deploy their Remotely Operated Vehicles in Holly Pond.  

Turbid Waters

SoundGeneration high school interns went out on our research vessel yesterday to test the waters of the Long Island Sound! They took a range of measurements to keep track of the quality of the water, including temperature, pH, and dissolved oxygen. Here, students use a black and white checkered disk, or a Secchi disk, to […]

Terrapin Transformation Tuesday!

A little over 3 years ago SoundWaters received a shipment of terrapin hatchlings! These terrapin were in seized when U.S. customs inspectors in Alaska intercepted an illegal shipment reportedly destined for China back in September of 2014. Diamondback terrapins are native to the salt marshes and tidal creeks of the sound in a habitat that […]

Dolan Coastal Explorers suit up!

Today, the 6th graders of Dolan Middle school donned waders to discover what types of animals live in the shallow intertidal environment of Long Island Sound. Throughout the day they caught grass shrimp, Atlantic Silversides, Mummichogs, a blenny species, hermit crabs, spider crabs, and snails.

Build a Boat

Last week, our after school sailing and science program used their sailing knowledge to engineer and build their very own boats. Students from Rippowam and Cloonen middle schools used straws to create “wind” to see which boats could sail the fastest across a container of water!

Monitoring Long Island Sound!!

SoundGeneration, our high school internship program, plays an integral role in monitoring the quality of the water surrounding Cove Island Park. Each Tuesday and Thursday interns collect a water sample from Holly Pond, located behind the SoundWaters Coastal Education Center, as well as the Long Island Sound across the park. Various water quality parameters are […]